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City transportation

 Arriving in Prague | Public Transportation | Taxi| Search transport

Arriving in Prague

The airport (Prague – Ruzyne, PRG) is located about 15 km northwest of the city center. The airport was recently reconstructed and modernised and offers all the usual services. To get to the center using public transport, take city bus 119 (stop 30m straight ahead of the arrivals exit). The bus takes you to “Vítězné náměstí” (final stop) – Metro station “Dejvická”, line A. The journey takes about 25 minutes. Another possibility is to take one of the taxis waiting in front of the airport. Please note that you should negotiate a price with the driver before getting into the airport taxi, since the airport taxis do not have meters.

There are several railway stations in Prague, two of which serve international and long-distance trains. The Main Station (“Hlavní nádraží”) is located close to the city center. Most of the international and long-distance trains depart from or arrive to the Main Station. The Holesovice station (“nádraží Holešovice”) is located north of the city center. EuroCity and InterCity trains passing from the North to East stop at this newly built station. Both of these stations have connections to Metro – line C (stations “Hlavní nádraží” and “Nádraží Holešovice”).

For timetables and assistance in planning your trips, we recommend the good server of DB Deutsche Bahn.

The main bus terminal is located at Florenc – close to the city center. International and long-distance buses usually depart from or arrive to this central bus terminal. It has direct access to the Metro – lines B and C, station Florenc.

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Public Transportation

The city area is densely covered by the public transport network. The system consists of three lines of Metro (the underground), trams and city buses. Trams operate more in central areas of the city, and city buses usually connect the housing quarters with nearest Metro stations.

At night there is a night public transportation that usually runs every 30 minutes and is provided by night trams and busses.

  • Subway – the fastest, most usual and most comfortable
  • Tram – OK (watch out homelesses :))
  • Bus – OK (watch out crazy drivers :))
  • Easy to get anywhere – maps everywhere, schedules at each station, high frequency

Passengers must have their ticket before entering the transportation area of the Metro or transport vehicle. The ticket must be marked immediately after entering (yellow automatic machines with a green light). There are two kinds of tickets – basic and short-term. A basic ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time it has been stamped. A short-term tickets are valid for 30 minutes from the time it has been stampeds.

Current prices are

  • CZK 32 (ca. 1,3 EUR) for one basic ticket (90 min),
  • CZK 24 (ca. 1 EUR) for one short-term ticket (30 min).

Tickets are available at each subway station, at some tram/bus stops and at some newsagents.

Residents and those staying in Prague for a longer time can obtain a monthly or quarterly pass valid for an unlimited number of journeys during a particular period. It consists of a card with your photo and a special coupon for the particular period of validity. Using the student passes is usually the most convenient.

The passes

  • Monthly student pass costs CZK 260 (ca. 10,6 EUR),
  • Quarterly student pass costs CZK 720 (ca. 29,4 EUR).

For more information about the public transportation, go to: www.dpp.cz. At idos.dpp.cz/idos/ there is a search engine, that shows you different timetables and finds you the most convenient way how to get somewhere. http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/pid/spojeni/

Download transit schemas http://www.dpp.cz/en/transport-around-prague/transit-schematics/.


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If you want to take a taxi on the street – ask for the price first, so they don’t try to rip you off!

Another possibility is also to call a taxi in advance. (There are various taxi providers, some less or more expensive, 20 – 30 CZK per km)

When you are riding, try to pay attention to the driver if he is not switching your regular fare to “turbo fare”. Unfortunately, taxi drivers tend to charge more for services, when they know you are foreigner or when you are not careful enough.

Download mobile application for taxi, it can calculate price for you in advance (usually cheaper than calling taxi in the street)

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