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The official language is Czech. The language belongs to the Slavic group of languages – together with Polish, Slovak, Croatian and the Russian language. There is a Slovak-speaking minority in the Czech Republic. The Czech and Slovak languages are closely related to each other and one can understand the other without translating. A Polish minority lives in the north-eastern parts of the country.

The Czech language uses the Latin alphabet (the same, for example, as English) with some extra special characters. The grammatical structure differs significantly from those in West European languages (like English, German or French). Knowledge of any other language of the Slavic group (i.e. Polish, Russian or other) would be a certain advantage while studying Czech.

Some of Czech words that could be useful :                                          

English Czech
Yes Ano
Good Morning Dobrý den
Hello, Hi Ahoj
My name is.. Jmenuji se..
Good bye Na shledanou
Thank you Děkuji
Beer Pivo
One beer, please Jedno pivo, prosím
I can’t speak czech. Neumím česky.
Hospital Nemocnice



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