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Sports | Phones | Radio | Internet | Weather in Prague | Drinking

Is there anything more you would like to know about our University, Prague, the Czech Republic? What else do you think we should include on these pages? You can e-mail us your questions and inquiries and we’ll get back to you with answers.


The most popular sports in the Czech Republic are probably football (soccer) and ice hockey. Basketball and handball are also popular, although less so than the first two sports mentioned.

There are three teams from Prague in the 1st fotball league (Synot liga) – Sparta, Slavia and Dukla. Matches are usually played on Sunday afternoon.

ELH (Extraliga ledniho hokeje – Extra league of ice hockey) belongs to the top European national leagues. Two teams from Prague take mostly every year part in ELH competition – Sparta and Slavia. Matches are usually played on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evenings.

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Unfortunately, there are no phones installed in rooms at the dormitory. There is a phone for incoming calls on each floor of the dorm. There is a public phone installed in the entrance area, and three are located just across the street from the entrance. Phone cards may be bought at post offices or tobacco shops throughout the town. There is also the possibility to use a mobile phone. Owners of the GSM standard phones (not valid for USA or Canada) with access to roaming services usually may use their phones in the Czech Republic (check with your operator for details). You can also register with one of our local operators. For short-term stays, the best alternative is probably the Card system. The activation card vary from CZK 200 to CZK 1.000 (ca. 8 – 40 EUR). Calls are then charged on a phone card-like basis, i.e. you can purchase a phone card with a certain amount of units on it and use it in your mobile phone in a way which resembles using phone cards for making a call from a public telephone. In other respects, the system works as a normal mobile telephone. You can even receive and send short e-mails.

Note: Do not forget to dial the whole phone number everytime when calling from a mobile phone.

International dialing code for the Czech Republic is +420

For international phone calls from the Czech Republic, simply dial 00 and the complete phone number with the appropriate international and local prefixes.

Example : 00 46 8 248151 to call the Czech Embassy in Stockholm / Sweden.

International phone calls can be made from every public phone.

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There are many radio stations broadcasting on FM. Two of them broadcast programs in foreign languages – RFI (Radio France International) in French and BBC World Service in English.

For more information, see the list of all radios!

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Every exchange student will be provided with an e-mail account and access to Internet free of charge. All students have access to the university computer labs in the main University building (4th floor of Paradise building) as well as at Studijni centrum Jarov (near the dormitory).

All rooms in the dorms have an internet connection. So if you bring your own laptop equipped with the network card you can have connection in your room.

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Weather in Prague

Hot shiny summer, frozen snowy winter (except Prague), nice blooming spring and rainy colourful fall

Temperature vary from -10° up to 30° (depends on the season)

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You are not allowed to drink alcohol up to age of 18 (they might check your ID card).

Our national drink is the cheapest one as well – BEER 🙂 (average price 20 – 30 CZK/0,5 L).

Best brands are Pilsner Urquell (12°), Gambrinus (10°) and Staropramen (10°).

Favourite Czech shots are Becherovka, Fernet (Citrus, Orange), Slivovice and Vodka.


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