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Personal Safety

Chances are good that you will have a very pleasant, safe stay in Prague. Like any big city, though, Prague has its share of crime, particularly pick-pocketing and crimes of opportunity such as theft. For your personal safety and the security of your belongings, it is wise to take note of the following advice.

In the city and on public transportation:

Pick-pocketers make an excellent living in Prague. To avoid being a victim, always be alert to your surroundings when you are in crowds or riding crowded public transportation, especially trams and the metro, and guard your money and belongings accordingly. Pickpocketers often work in pairs or teams and may prey upon people who are distracted by conversation or lost in thought. Make sure that your money and essential documents such as your passport are kept in a safe place where only YOU can access them — never keep your wallet in your back pocket, for example.

In the dormitory:

Although the dormitory will be your “home” for the duration of your stay in Prague, it is a good idea to use the same precautions there as you would in any apartment building in any city. These include not leaving your door open or unlocked when you go down the hall, even for a few minutes, not leaving money, documents or valuables such as cameras or laptop computers in plain view, and immediately reporting anyone who behaves in a suspicious manner.

Taking these simple precautionary steps should be enough to ensure you a safe semester.

Useful telephone numbers

  • Hospital Na Homolce: 02/ 52 92 11 11
  • American Medical Center: 02/ 80 77 56, 02/ 80 77 57, 02/ 80 77 58, 02/ 80 77 59
  • First Medical Clinic of Prague: 02/ 24 21 62 00 (after hours 0601 225050)
  • Emergency calls central number:  112 – accidents, urgent needs of medical assistance, they speak  English and German
  • Police: 158
  • Emergency ambulance: 155
  • International telephone exchange: 0135
  • MCI International: 00 420 00 112

Lost credit cards:

  • Visa, Diner’s Club: 02/ 24 12 53 53
  • Mastercard: 02/ 24 42 31 35
  • American Express: 02/ 24 21 99 92
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