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The Buddy System organization offers you a great opportunity to be paired up with a Czech student who will help you settle in a new environment. We call this a “Buddy Program”. The Czech student will be your “Buddy” – a friend who will make your arrival and first days in Prague easy and smooth and who will be there to help you during the whole semester. At the same time, you will be his/her Buddy too!

There are two offices taking care of foreign students: the International Office (for Exchange, International Business and CEMS students) and CESP Office (for students in CESP Program). We cooperate closely with both of them and they provide us with your name and email address.

About a month before semester starts, Buddy System organization will email you the name and contact information of your Buddy. Your Buddy will contact you at about the same time. (Please make sure your spam protection is not too high and you will be able to get those emails!) Should you not hear from anyone less than a month before semester begins, contact us and we will work it out promptly!

At that time you should give your arrival information to your Buddy and exchange pictures so that you can recognize each other at the airport/bus/train station. Exchanging cell phone numbers helps as well; write down a cell phone number of Buddy System Coordinator too (the person who you get Buddy System emails from). You can also get to know each other by chatting about hobbies, interests, or you can ask any questions which come to your mind.

For more information, go to You and Your Buddy.

Note: Buddy Program is only for those international students who are coming to study at the University of Economics as Exchange, International Business, CEMS or CESP students during Fall or Spring semester. If you are an international student coming to study in a different program, during summer, or you will study for a degree in Czech language, and would like to have a Czech Buddy, please, send us an e-mail to and we will try to arrange it for you.

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