Why don't you buddy up with us?
Click here to register at Buddy IS!


You can register for Buddy filling in form, where we ask you for PREFERENCE to YOUR BUDDY (such as time to spent,  how often you want to travel, gender etc.

HOW ? Through Buddy IS – Please check YOUR BuddyIS account information
TIME ? It is limited, usually 1-2 weeks after you receive welcome e-mail with your information about BuddyIS account.
WHERE ? Link to BuddyIS (works after login)
IMPORTANT !!!Your account is already prepared for you so DO NOT create a new because then you WILL NOT be able to apply for buddy.

YOUR BuddyIS account information

Accounts for exchange students are created automatically, please don’t create a new one.
Check your personal or university email for instructions we sent you. (We usually send them approx. month before Orientation week starts)
If you can’t find any email from us, check other possible email accounts and SPAM folders. (We usually receive your university e-mail address)
If you stil can’t find it, please fill this Google form or contact our IT department describing the issue at it@buddysystem.cz

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