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Country Presentations

One of our core activities is organizing presentations of countries! Buddy System organizes international evenings at the university on Monday, four times per semester. It is called Country Presentations and the idea is simple! International students of each country will prepare a 15 minutes presentation and come on Monday evening to school to show Czech and other students the beauties of their home country. Do not hesitate to prepare your own presentation with your compatriots or to express support while performing the presentation.

Pictures from previous evenings

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How does country presentation work?

We organize 3 university meetings during the whole semester. You can attend all of them and learn about more than 10 countries in total! The meetings take place on Mondays where natives introduce 3 – 5 nations. Presentations will be interactive shows, full of videos, live appeareance and games. International students will surely prepare for you the best of their country!

Fall semester 2015:

5. 10. 2015 Taiwan, Canada, China, Argentina | https://www.facebook.com/events/405105189681242/

26. 10. 2015 Mongolia, Portugal, Peru a Estonia | https://www.facebook.com/events/504166036430779/

16. 11. 2015 ??? (countries will be specified at FB event)

Check updated schedule one week before the presentation at our website or at facebook. For any questions please contact us at exchange+@buddysystem.cz

Events take places at Mondays from 7:45 PM at RB 210. All are welcome!

Check out the Country presentations guide here!

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