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Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in Schools Week


visiting high schools & kindergarten

17th – 21st March

28th April – 2nd May

Join us for a special SocialErasmus project: Erasmus in Schools International Week! We are going to visit local schools and prepare a fun interactive presentation and activities for the pupils!

This event is going to be held all around Europe, in 36 different countries! Be a part of something bigger; reach higher, go further, go social!

The aim of Erasmus in Schools project is cooperation between international students and local schools in order to bring the multicultural awareness and build an interest for early language learning.

More info about the project, video, EIS week 2013: http://socialerasmus.esn.org/eis

Why you should join?

  • contact with local community
  • experience outside the “exchange bubble”
  • promote your home country
  • get to know all level of the Czech education system
  • get teaching experience
  • improve your presentation skills
  • get an ESN certificate/confirmation of your participation


How to get involved?

  • get ready for fun 90 minutes long class for youngsters along with other exchange students and a local coordinator from Buddy System
  • prepare an entertaining presentation, video, pictures, songs, dance, quiz, a worksheet, true or false questions, etc. (it’s really up to you!)
  • talk about personal things and experience of living abroad, about your home country (compare!) , the funny facts, idioms from your language or slang…
  • enroll at eis@buddysystem.cz or ask at our OFFICE! 

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