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Tandem Program

Project for international students and VSE students. To break down the language barrier, the national and international students are paired according to their preferences to exchange knowledge of their mother tongues and get to know other cultures.
It is a great opportunity:

  • to experience different cultures
  • to become more familiar with the Czech language
  • to meet someone who has been studying your native language and who is interested in your native country and all the things you can tell them about it

Usually there are pairs, sometimes smaller groups of students, and they meet once a week or as often as they can/want and whenever they want (school, pub, party, dormitories, etc.). It is up to you to enjoy the time you spent together!
International students that participate in this project can get a language certificate saying that you have worked here as a voluntary teacher from Buddy System!

If you want to take part in more language activities with Czech students, follow the information about Buddy Café Lingea – social evenings devoted to various languages.

My TANDEM partner

If you are interested in joining our TANDEM Program, fill in this form, please.
If you have any questions contact us (bp@buddysystem.cz) and put TANDEM as a subject.

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