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Ice Breaking Weekend

Are you excited about meeting all the new people during your exchange?

Well, how about meeting over 100 fellow exchange students from University of Economics in Prague during the first weekend?! And as a bonus you also get to meet the members of Buddy System – the people who will organize a whole lot of epic trips and events throughout the semester for you!


When? 10.-12.2.2017
Registration start: 25th January 2017
Where? Kunžak
Topic: Colours of the world (in Kunžak)
Capacity: 110 people
Price: 1750 CZK (includes accommodation, food, program, transportation)
How to register? In BuddyIS
Contact: ibw@buddysystem.cz

What is it about?
Well, we take 110 of the newly arriving international students and go to the small town called Kunžak. But don’t worry, even though it’s the end of the world, it will be anything but boring! We have an accommodation complex just for ourselves (there’s a bar as well, yay!) and we will make the most of it! Team building games, themed parties and much more!

Photos from previous semesters: fall 2015 | spring 2016 | fall 2016

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Video from spring 2016:

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